Revolutionising Decking

Deck Master is an Australian company that provides innovative, quality fastening systems to the construction industry. We distribute the TC-GUN, Stainless Steel Concealed Decking Fasteners, Scrails, Deck Bone End Match Joiners, Weather Strip, Grooved Decking Boards and other products through Timber and Hardware Merchants within Australia. The revolutionary system offers deck builders a range of quality products that provide a point of difference and satisfy the increasing needs of the consumer by being able to supply an efficient and affordable concealed fastened decking system that will provide a longer lasting, better looking and safer deck for many years to come.
Unlike traditional decking, the Deck Master secret deck fixing system produces a beautiful, smooth finished deck that is free from unsightly nails that in time will pop up and become a hazard to bare feet. They allow the beauty of the deck to be preserved and reduce splitting, splintering, cupping and rotting. In addition, the installation of secret fix decking saves you time and money by being safer, less labour intensive, more durable, and easier to maintain.

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Authorised Deckmaster Installation

The team at Bonhams and Good Man are proud to be the only authorised Deckmaster service agents in the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and North Coast areas. Our approval from Deck Master is your guarantee for quality and lasting workmanship.

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