Bonhams and Good Man offers a wide variety of services including:

Design and Advisory Service

We can direct you through the design and offer our expert advice on the design of your new home. We’ll steer you towards a design which suits your needs as opposed to someone else’s fixed design – at no extra cost to us.


Free Site Inspection

We are happy to give a free site appraisal on your land to suggest the most cost productive building design.

Free Quote on Your Plans

We are happy to provide a free quote on your plans with no hidden costs, and no hidden emissions.


Specializing in Sloping Sites

Our specialty is sloping sites. Our company has been building on sloping sites on the Tweed/Gold Coast area for nearly 40 years.

A guaranteed honest quote

Before paying your deposit with any company make sure you have an ACCURATE written quote which includes all Site Works and Engineering costs. Unfortunately some builders will offer attractive estimates, leaving out important commodities such as the above [ Site Works - Engineering ] only to have the nasty surprise of having to pay for these essential parts of the project after the work commences.

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