We’re hands on for service

Let the Bonhams and Good Man make your home a reality.
We at Bonhams and Good Man have a full commitment to quality and completing our jobs on time. Our contractors and suppliers understand and support our strong belief in supplying the best job, at the best price.

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In our business we feel it is important to interview clients before commencement of construction to ascertain their expectations and their personal requirements. Many competitors’ customers are disappointed when they are hit with a bill for extras which they thought were part of the original contract price. We do our best to eliminate those grey areas before the project starts.
We have a fixed price contract which incorporates all your needs to eliminate any disappointment.

All our staff have a hands on policy involvement on your project. we don’t hide behind a desk on the telephone – we are on the job putting it together. Most of our sub-contractors have been with us for 25 years as a guarantee of fine workmanship.

We guarantee you an honest and accurate quote.

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